Minimalist Shminimalist

I have recently had the perfect opprotunity to practice minimalism in all its glory.  If you don't already know we put our house up for sale earlier this year. It was under contract once, fell through, and now it's under under contract again.  All in all we had about 10 showings.  We packed away ALL the extra crap I thought I could live without.  I pared down my wardrobe even more. I packed stuff we don't hardly use, stuff I thought was just extra. Lots of furniture went to make the house look bigger. YAY! Right? I mean this is like THE goal. You know,  the one where if you could just ______ then all the stars would align and a heavenly chorus would come from the heavens.

No. Not yay. Turns out I like my crap.  Like a lot.  I like my toaster. And my printer.  And my glitter. I like my yarn. And the string. I like the itchy but flattering shirt. I want the fabric I bought years ago. And I like having enough pencils to bury myself in. The garden stuff that makes an appearance every other year is loved.  I even like the kids toys. ALL OF IT.

Maybe there are some people that don't ever use the things they buy. I do. I don't care if it doesn't all have a home.  I use it and I want it there when I want to use it even if I'm  not going to use it every second of every day. It's the most frustrating thing ever to not have what you need when you need it.

So to all my cluttery crap that I thought I could do without,  I love you and I promise to spring you from those big meany face boxes ASAP! I will never pack you away again!


Reinventing The Closet Part 2

Read part 1 here. 

Ok. So I weeded out the obvious stuff and tried on a few things to see if they still fit and then washed what was left. Why did I wash it all? Because I have two very hairy dogs that are the perfect height to rub up on all my clothes while they are hanging in the closet. Gross. 

So, now we get to the "fun" part. I'm still on the fence about exactly how much sarcasm I'm associating with that word here. I don't particularly enjoy trying on clothes but I am excited to have a more functional wardrobe. But they fit, they're clean....why am I trying it all on again?

I'm a home schooling, homesteading, crafting, teaching, mom of 3. I don't have the brain power left to put together an outfit every morning. Right now, my kids are lucky if I get out of my pajamas and that's just sad. So I went to Pinterest to get some ideas. I saw lots of pictures of put together outfits that were super adorable. Unfortunately, I don't own anything in those pictures. So then I headed to Amazon to try to find the things in those pictures. I do not have that kind of money. In fact, I don't have money to go out and buy anything because I've spent it on 4 BAGS of stuff I can't even wear!!!! More clothes is obviously not the answer. Then I came upon the idea of "Capsule Wardrobes." Go ahead and Google that. I'll wait. 

With me again? Isn't that idea awesome?! Alright lets head the store and buy all those essential pieces it says we need and.... wait. No money, remember? So here's the new game plan, starting with the sorted clothes from before

  1. Put on your best fitting bra/panties.
  2. Try on one outfit at a time. 
  3. Slowly change the outfit. Trade the pants for a skirt, try a different scarf, put on a jacket...Take a picture with each new look.
  4. Toss anything that doesn't have more than one look.  
  5. Print pictures, put together in an album.
  6. Enjoy your own Capsule Wardrobe complete with a no-brainer look book!
Is this not the most awesome, time saving, closet utilizing, thought free idea ever!!! PLUS you could even take your look book with you while shopping to see what kinds of things would match!

*Here is where I would share the photo evidence of me trying on outfits for 3+ hours but the card reader on my computer and the sd card from my camera are not getting along :( So if you try this and do it to you're own wardrobe let's see some pictures!

What I learned:

While black is up there with my least favorite colors most of my staple clothing is black. I'm ok with letting a lot of the color in my wardrobe come from accent pieces like scarves, statement necklaces, cardigans, or under shirts.

Having white clothing and being a mom is hard.

I like solids with texture.

I have hardly any patterned pieces.

I am going to have SO MUCH LESS laundry and that is awesome!


Reinventing The Closet Round 1

In spirit of my first new years goal I am going through the closet and weeding out the crap! 

The first step was to take it ALL out of the closet. Holy BANANAS!!! 

I don't consider myself much of a clothes person. Some of this is from before I had kids!! That's 8 years and I'm not telling how many sizes ago. I've cleaned out before but obviously things were falling through the cracks. 

Just in case you needed another angle on that. My pile of clothes take up my ENTIRE queen size bed. No one needs that much. 

I sorted it out into groups and this is what I ended up with: 

Group 1: Stuff my Mom would probably fit and like (1 bag)
Group 2: TRASH (1 bag )
Group 3: Donate (2 bags)

What I had left was 2 baskets of  *possible* keep items. Seriously. 4 trash bags of stuff to get rid of and only 2 baskets to keep. I'd say this was long over due. 

Here is where I had to stop for the day. My children claimed that they needed food of some sort. I'm going to wash ALL the clothes tonight and then the fun part begins :)